What the hell are these chicks on about?

LEGLESS consists of a couple of highly charged rock chicks that came together via fate and the gods of rebellion and rock.

Inspired by Alice Cooper, KISS and Aussie greats such as ACDC, The Divinyls and The Living End, the Ladies of Legless have been setting stages alight since 2005. With two full length indie albums and a third on the way, Legless have been on countless Aussie outback road adventures all across Australia, they’ve played a stack of Festivals, touring from Japan to Afghanistan, playing for punks, troops, indigenous and downright indignatious audiences across the globe. Carving a crooked path, Legless are a shining light for the non believers of commercial pop music, creating original punk gems of golden heights. 

Songs such as ‘Get My Knickers Off” and the JPF award winning “Drinking tonight” has spawned a legion of Legless believers.

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Past Gigs and Happenings

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LEGLESS SUPPORT JON STEVENS- RacehorseHotel, Booval, Saturday January 21, 2012

The Lucky Legless girls has the extreme pleasure of supporting Noiseworks/INXS front man (and soloist in this own right) Mr Jon Stevens at the Racecourse Hotel, Booval on Sat 21st Jan.

It was a really busy night with almost 500 people attending, and Legless warmed them up with a 45 minute set of tasty original tunes.


Legless also got an opportunity to meet with Jon and the band backstage before their set, taking a few quick pics and found making small talk before they went on.  The girls can confirm that Jon is a “very sexy man indeed” with a “massive aura” to match his dulcet tones.  The band was cool too, but they must be a bit deaf because boy they were loud. (No noise restrictions here folks! )

The guitarist ran three amps and a reverb (fill in).  At times the PA couldn’t cope with the stage noise and subsequently there was a bit of feedback through the on stage monitors that made them very grumpy.  By the end of the night everyone’s ears were bleeding and allegedly 78 cases on tinnitus were reported at Ipswich Hospital next day.


Cheers to the Legless Toy Boys, Zac Woods who played drums, and Dean Morrissey who filmed the event. We can’t wait to see the footage!

ALOHA 2012 WITH LEGLESS - Queenslander Hotel, Bundaberg, Saturday 31st December, 2011

This night was undoubtedly our best NYE gig to date. We played outdoors in massive beer garden/bali hut and it was tropical rock paradise! 

Schoolgirl started the gig with an acoustic solo set.  She did mostly originals and got a pregnant girl up to sing “Zombie”.  The place was just filling up. There was also a dj booked to play till 5am. Our contact said 9pm till late!

The Queenslander had also requested that we learn some “Pink” songs for the occasion. We love Pink. No problems there!  Shaz, Steve and I got together in our lounge room a couple days previous and learned “By Influence”, “So What” and “Raise Your Glass”.  It was a great call on their behalf. The crowd went off, plus they are such fun songs to perform.

We changed costumes from set to set, for fun and comfort. It was a very hot night. Quite a few ended up in the blow up pool.  Jelly Wrestling was promised but didn’t eventuate.

With 300 + people counting down we brought in the New Year with the Kiss Anthem "I Wanna Rock N Rock all Night" and indeed that is our mantra for 2012. 

Our PA rocked supreme (clocking 173 dB in sound check) but pack up that night was a long hard road! After 5 sets, pizza and pack up at 5:10 we stumbled upstairs for sleep. Miraculously Shazza woke up early next morning and loaded the trailer and car all by herself.  You simply could not find or generously pay any roadie to do that shit.

2012 PLANS

Sunday 1st January, 2012

On the way home the next day we plotted and planned some crazy stuff to amuse us this year.  Legless is going to be playing a lot that’s already on the cards.  To keep ourselves amused from gig to gig we’re going to try a few new things.

We are planning to travel further into the regional areas to further develop a new genre of music called “Bush Punk”.  Truly great new music will be created going bush where you can play fucking loud and no bastard complains.  In May the Schoolgirl returns to her hometown Bendigo to play at her High School Reunion in May.  Be warned. 80’s hair metal songs might slip into our set. Melbourne and Adelaide dates are likely to coincide, but first, the Toy Boys must be whipped into shape. 

To Rock n Roll All Night is one thing, but to party every day is a hard mantra to live up too on New Year Day.  We fantasised about how we could possibly do that and decided that after a good sleep we would re-look at it. By the time we got back to Legless Central we had more ideas than people to execute them and we couldn’t bring ourselves to unload the trailer.

OOH LA LA WITH MOULIN ROUGE GIRLS AND LEGLESS - Billy's in Gympie, Friday 30th December, 2011

We returned triumphant to Billy's for a burlesque themed night.  The staff at Billy's are a good looking bunch of sexy chicks and hot spunks (especially Billy!) so the Burlesque theme was a great idea.  All the male staff wore Legless shirts but but no g strings which was disappointing. (Where is Mr. Perfect when you need him?) One has to wonder with all the burlesque excitement why you would need live music as well, but it was certainly justified. Legless has a super night and a great warm up for NYE. Drummer Steve did exceptionally well remembering 4 x 40 min sets of both originals and covers. 

Awesomeness was our PA & lighting (with hired subs) proving again that self sufficiency is often the answer to sound problems and financial woes.  Despite this satisfaction it would be nice to have a couple of roadies. Our car and trailer was so full we had no room for extra passengers anyhow.

ITS A LEGLESS BOXING NIGHT @ Music Kafe, Monday 26th December, 2011

Despite severe noise restrictions hindering this venues ability to put on a reasonable rock show, Legless certainly has a very soft spot in our hearts for Sandy and Fred at the Music Kafe.  With live music 7 nights a week, a 101 dB limit and a monstrous 30 + acts, I don't know how they continue to be so full of enthusiasm and encouragement.

We love to get back there for a few reasons, mostly because they were massive supporters of Legless when we first arrived in Brisbane. Plus it's great to have a few free drinks and a nice meal as part of the deal.  Only 2 sets, 11 – 1pm  is an easy gig compared to most.  We do requests, both covers and originals, have a few guest musos and we sell more knickers there than anywhere else. 

Music Kafe is a very social meeting place. We always make new friends. This night was no exception, except we were more than usually shagged out from over indulging in the xmas cheer. Drinking in the afternoon does that.

ITS A LEGLESS XMAS EVE @TEMPO, Saturday 24th December, 2011

Every year we get Legless at Xmas . It’s usually a Horror show. Last year we were in Canberra at the now defunct Hush Club.  This year we took it easy, saved our flying dollars and shared it with our mates in our new hometown.  In the short space of time Legless been in Brisbane it has been amazing to meet such great folks who we now can call our drinking buddies. 

Our first show at Tempo was at Xmas 2010 for an industry Christmas party and we’ve played a shitload there since then. We launched our third album "Diva Demolition" there in September.  It’s the best gig in Brisbane for a rock band with production and backline supplied. You just gotta rock up with your axe and away you go.  Tempo is predominantly a cover venue, but we’ve done original supports for International (Skindred, The Hollywood Undead) and Australian (Dragon) touring acts, plus they run an indie showcase once a month, which we’ve also done a couple times.

It was really nice to share some Xmas cheer with our favourite sound guy (and occasional fill in drummer) Bruce Foggarty.  Foggy stars in our video clip for “Like it too Much” see it here which was filmed at his WORX Studio. We jam there a fair bit lately training up our new Toy Boys.

We started our first set at Tempo Hotel early at 7pm and finished by 11pm.

We got home before Santa and for that we were grateful. We performed "Santa Clause is Coming To town" a couple of times (each differently!) and short punk versions of lots of cheesy xmas carols much to the disgust of many.  Our Brissie drinking buddies were in fine form as per usual. Thankfully no shooters.

LEGLESS SUPPORT MENTAL AS ANYTHING at Deception Bay Tavern, Deception Bay, Friday 2nd December, 2011

We all know and love "the Mentals" and it was a very last minute call that got Legless to be on the stage as the support act. Lucky us! Also it was the same production crew and PA that did the Radiators, and yet again the sound was A1 Amazing!  

Deception Bay punters certainly know how to support live music. They were very appreciative  and legless in every way possible. By the end of the night we had lots of new friends, sold a stack of merch and required a shower.  We did a 45 played a 45 min set of our original tunes.  Dean from Black Whiskey filled in on drums and did a terrific job :) the place was absolutely packed and when the Mentals came on stage the room erupted. They have so many songs we know and love. By the time "Live it Up came around the punters went mad.


We didn't get the chance to meet all the Mentals because after the encore they simply left the building, with the exception of the bass player. Considering how much love Legless got after our support spot it was probably a wise move!

LEGLESS SUPPORT THE RADIATORS at Billy's Hotel,  Gympie, Sunday 30th October, 2011

Legless opened for Australian punk rock legends "The Radiators" to a cracking crowd performing a 45 min set of original tunes, mostly from the new Legless album 'Diva Demolition". Zac Woods performed on Drums, and did a magnificent job. Legless were very warmly received not only by the punters but also by the Radiators themselves, and indeed the after party was extremely satisfying with an exchange of t shirts and cds, the signing of posters, photo's and much drinking and bullshit talk going on. We would've partied harder and longer, except it was on a Sunday and we had to drive back to Brisbane. 

The Radiators are true Aussie Legends who have been rocking the live scene way before the chicks of Legless had even picked up a guitar. As a live band they are extremely tight and a talented group of guys. Individually each member shines. The bass player played a rocking 10 minute solo, something Legless gals had never seen before! 

The production was enormous and the sound was amazing. It's a massive shame that in Brisbane we have these bullshit noise restrictions due to inner city residential apartments. 

When the opportunity to support the Rads at Billy's Hotel in Gympie, of course the girls jumped at the chance. One of Legless' most popular cover tunes is a song by the Radiators called "Gimme Head", except Legless perform it using alternate lyrics "Gimme Legs".  Kylie made mention of this before the last song "Sayonara" and it just so happened the lead singer of the band was watching. Later in their set, when it came time to perform "Gimme Head" he dedicated the song to Legless and sang "gimme legs". It was a truly fine rock n roll moment that Legless will never forget!


(October 2011)

Q. How do you replace the most precise, talented, beautiful, elegant female drummer?

A. With many men.

Talented Drummer, Bobae Jeon  has returned to Korea. If you ever saw her perform with us you will understand she is almost irreplaceable.  Legless really really miss her and wish her happiness. The show must go on however and we’ve come up with the next best thing...


Zac Woods – drums

Dean Morrisey – Drums

Bruce Foggarty - Drums
Steve Meldrum – Drums

Billy “Jade” Biltoft- Drums

COMING SOON  Toy Boy Guitarist

Anything goes for 2012. If you’d like to be part of the Toy Boys or think you got the playing smarts and can play the correct bits please drop us a line



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